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Studio equipment

Our studio has space 11,5 x 18 m (207 m2) with height 6,5 m. There is flexible cross bridge for shooting from the top, power supply 2x CEE 63A/400V, two complete setups (cover 4,5 m and 9,5 m width), ceiling system. Hi-Speed DSL/Wireless Internet connectivity. 

vlacek 03Flash equipment:
 Briese (Flash / HMI / Tungsten), Profoto and Hensel in the overall power of 150,000 Ws, with the necessary accessories. As the regular light we use Briese HMI, LUPO Light and Rotolight - flicker free up 6000fps.

analog  Canon / Nikon Systems, Contax 645, Hasselblad H4x / 503CW / 555ELD
large formats such as Sinar / Rollei X-Act II
digital cameras Canon EOS 1DS MarkIII, 5D MkIII / 7D / Nikon D3/D800 
digital medium format cameras such as Phase One P45 +, Hasselblad H4x, H3D 39, H3D-39 MS 
wide selection of lenses

Besides shooting and lightning equipment we offer practically everything to make your job your photographic work easier: the auxiliary generator, tents, trampolines, etc. Of course there is the possibility of using digital workplace: MAC-tower platform, MAC BOOK PRO / PC, kalibrovatelé EIZO monitors, UPS UPC . As required zajisíme assistants and digital operators. Mentioned technique also lend and if necessary - to deliver location!

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