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Making of excellent product photos.

The way you present  your products online has a important impact on their sale. Amateur-looking product shots will not rise consumers’ interest and could make them boring. Luckily there is no need to spend big amount of money on equipment or hire a professional photographer to create beautiful product photography that will perfectly fit in the billboard and positively effect your marketing.


It is important to use a sophisticated SLR camera or very good quality compact one . You be ok with single-lens camera to get good piture. Good to choose camera that can capture video.


You dont need necessarily good light, in case of good outdoor light you can get also very good result + you can use some small external flash.


Very important is to use tripod so that your picture are not blurry – that would be scary in case of big prints and would have very negative effect on customers. Tripod will perfectly fixed your camera for longer exposure.

Use a Wide Aperture

Wide aperture means small f-number will produce a narrow depth of field that makes your photos look more professional..