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How to shoot people in 5 steps

You must be able to consider some important facts  when you are photographing people –  like location, lighting and other important factors.


At the start you must find your dream location. Get some good spot with a simple, medium-toned background. Tree foliage, grass or the ocean works well. car rental To reach darker skin on photo, look for a similarly dark background to keep the highlight  on the face.


Get the sun behind you and to one side. If it’s bright, put people in the shade (harsh, direct sunlight washes out the face). If it’s dark in the shade, use the fill-flash feature to brighten up the face. A popular technique is to put your subject in the shade, then use fill-flash to lighten up the face.


Best thing to try keeping the subject eyes  in the center of the frame.

Relax Your Subject

Get your subject relaxed and happy. For friends or family it works well to remind them some  silly event. With children you make goodness if you give them something to play with. For local people, ask them about the location, their job or skill etc.


If your subject is moving – by bluring the background you can easily emphasize speed, excitement and action. Get focused on your subject with the camera and  use shutter speed around 1/60s.