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Photostudio Prague

Hire a professional photographic studio with an area of 207 m2 (it is 11,5 x 18 m x 6,5 m) equipped with sophisticated lightning and flash technology. Photostudio is ready for you to rent 24hrs. every day. Photo studio is ideal for photographing and filming commercials, interviews, TV commercial, music videos etc. Big variety of photographic equipment SFR is capable of covering large projects in a short time. We supply lighting and photographic equipment and accessories.



Professional photoservice – shooting models, cars, product photos

Studio is suitable for commercial presentations, workshops, training sessions or meetings. It also includes a separate production room, makeup / dressing room, toilet, bathroom and fully equipped kitchen corner with a bar and dining room. Studio's sound with the ability to connect your iPod or other device and use WiFi is commonplace. Convenient parking in the area.  

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For small production eventually amateur photographers ( see bellow ) are available one separate studio "BLACK" (40 qm, equipped by Hensel flash  3x 500 Ws with accessories), with facilities: production, makeup, kitchen, showers. shower and toilet)

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Use of photostudio

We offer our studio for photography, advertising video and production. Photostudio is well designed for shooting models, cars, making videoclips or photos of any products - borrow our many types of technology, cameras, flash, lights. There is great base for production. professional and amateur photographers with full equipment, digital and analogue cameras flash lights, effective equipment. Come to our photolocations and get best fine art, advertising, fashion or glamour pictures.

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